Rental Contrat



  1. Parties

In this contract, the owner of the rental vehicle to use the vehicle will be referred to as the "The Lessor" and the "The Lessee" who rents the vehicle in exchange for rent.


To rent a car, you must be over the age of 23 and have a valid domestic or international driver's license for at least 3 years. For middle and upper class vehicles, a valid driver's license must be valid for 25 years and at least 5 years.

Vehicle Class


Driver's License Duration


Minimum Age 23

At Least 3 Years Domestic or Valid, International Driver's License

Middle and Upper

Minimum Age 25

At Least 5 Years Domestic or Valid, International Driver's License


Rental Period  is at least 3 days(72 hours).


The attached price tariff is an integral part of this agreement. The amounts written in the price tariff arising from this contract will be applied.  The contract price consists of;

  1. Rental Price

The daily rental fee based on the days  driven and/or kilometer fee based on the distance driven according to figures stated on front page  (kilometer driven are  calculated by  reading    the speedometer fitted  the oem. If the speedometer becomes out of order, the kilometer  fee based on the distance of travelling  route on map.)

  1. Insurance Fee

The driver and another driver  authorized driver stated  Article 5 this contract is insured by a traffic insurance policy . In the event that damages to third parties are impressed to the Lessor, the Lessee has accepted, declared and committed irrevocable recourse in advance and irrevocable acceptance, declaration and commitment that thedamages reimpressed to the owner of the vehicle shall be liable for interest and all individuals (litigation and follow-up expenses, proxy fees, etc.) and that these amounts will be covered without waiting when notified to him.  

  1. Vehicle Transportation Fee

If the vehicle is left in a different place from the office where it was delivered to the customer and/or delivered on the ground, the vehicle transport fee is charged at the One Direction Km. fee specified in the tariff in order to take the vehicle back to the office where it was delivered to thecustomer. if the vehicle is received outside the cities where ULGER TURİZM offices are not located, the transportation fee of the personnel who will receive the delivery is also charged to the customer.

  1. Taxes

VAT and taxes that must be collected from the consumer according to the law are included in the contract price.


  1. Additional Driver Fees

People who are not on the car driver list of the contract, can not drive the vehicle. In order for a person other than the Lessee to use the vehicle, valid ID and driver's license information must be written to the contract at the beginning of the rental and additional daily driver's fees must be paid.

If this rule is not complied with, the purchased insurances are deemed invalid and the Lessee and the users are held responsible for all damages, penalties and compensations.


  1. Fuel Expenses

The vehicle must be delivered to the customer with the amount of fuel it is delivered to. At the end of the rental, the fuels of the vehicles that will come with the missing fuel will be completed in the ÜLGER TURİZM offices and paid by theLessee with a 30% service fee and VAT amount to be added on top of the fuel amount.

  1. Maintenance and Repair

The vehicle will be delivered to the customer with maintenance and cleaning and hygiene conditions. In case of renting a car with a long-term rental agreement, the Lessee is obliged to control the oil, water and tire air of the vehicle. The Lessee will bring the vehicle to the renter for periodic maintenance of the vehicle (oil change, etc.) without waiting and ensure its maintenance or have the vehicle maintained at  the authorized service station. If the Lessee maintains the vehicle at the authorized service station, the invoice fee will be refunded to the Lessor when he delivers the invoice he /she  will receive on behalf of the Lessor.

Repairs, spare parts and tire replacement costs made as a result of normal use and aging belong to the Lessor.

As a result of non-normal use, negligence and misuse, repairs to be carried out (such as oil-free, dehydrated use, freezing tire splits), parts and tire costs and the work fee of the vehicle  calculated on thelate-time tariff belong to the Lessee.

Repairs that may be required in emergency situations are made by obtaining the approval of the nearest office of the Lessor  and covering the costs by the Lessee

  1. Baby Seat

There are no baby seats in the rented vehicles. At the customer's request, a baby seat will be added to the vehicle for the price written in the price tariff.

  1. Traffic Fines

During the period of rentals which the lease agreement is considered in force, all traffic fine other than traffic tickets issued for  reasons arising from the vehicle will be covered by the costumer.

The Lessee should conform to the Highway Regulation and applicable statutes. The Lesse is responsible for the expenses incurred (fines, clamping and towing of the car ... ) if any criminal actions are taken due to accidents caused by the Lessee because of violating the highway traffic rules

The Lessee is responsible for criminal and eventual actions(traffic tickest, expenses incurring as a result of accident) taken due to the violation of these laws and regulations.

  1. Bridge and Toll roads tolls and illegal tolls

The tolls to be spent by the Lessor on HGS cards attached to the vehicles to be paid at bridge and toll road crossing will be paid by the Lessee to the relevant office by adding an 18% service fee.


  1. Responsibilities imposed on the Renter for the Lessee's Transactions and Actions Contrary to the Lease Agreement and Legal Rules
  • Damages caused by the use of the vehicle by another driver,
  • Parking issued against the Lessor, all other fines and court costs arising from traffic rules or violations of the law,
  • Income losses of the days arising from the costs that may arise due to the connection of the vehicle and the inability to rent the vehicle,
  • Expenses incurred due to repair of any damage to the vehicle due to misuse, collision or overturning, the costs of the Lessee and the financial and moral compensation to which he is responsible for paying third parties, (The Lessee shall be able to benefit from the vehicle insurance provided that he/she uses the vehicle and completes the transactions in accordance with all the conditions included in the agreement, provided that he/she pays the insurance exemption limit premium in advance. In this case, it will be responsible for the portion of the damage that occurs outside the exemption limit.)



  1. Expenses and losses received after the End of the Contract

The Lessee shall be responsible for any damages arising from the use of the vehicle during the period in force of the lease, but which have not been reported or determined by the authorities, third parties and/or the tenant until the end of the lease agreement.



Any damages notified after the end of the lease will be charged to the credit card that the Lessee notified during the contract. If the payment of the damages arising to the Lessee who did not declare a credit card during the contract is not paid within 7 days after the written notification of the contract, the Lessee shall be deemed to have defaulted without further notice.

  1. Payment

The Lessee ; the type of rental and services requested in this contract, with the prices written in the price tariff attached to this contract, and the taxes, insurance premiums, additional service fees arising from this contract are accepted, declared and committed in advance and irrevocable to pay the additional service fees in the framework written below.

Rental and other service fees for leases up to three months will be paid to the seller in advance and/or by credit card during the contract.

If the lease is more than three months, the feesarising from the rental and other services for the first three months will be paid in advance, and the rent and other service fees for the new period will continue to be paid in advance before the start of the continuation of the rental periods.

  1. Collateral

The Lessee has accepted and committed to pay collateral in the amount of the contract separately from the contract price during the arrangement of the contract. The fact that the collateral was not paid during the contract does not eliminate the right of the Lessor to request collateral. The Lesee has accepted, declared and committed in advance and illegitimately that the Lessor will pay the collateral within three working days of requesting collateral.

If valid American Express, Visa, Eurocard, Master Card holders have sufficient credit limits, their rental fees and collateral will be defined on their credit cards and no collateral will be taken separately.

Customers who have paid cash collateral will be paid to the customer on the date of termination of the contract according to the final account to be issued at the end of the lease. Any portions of the credit card holder's deposits will be refunded to the customer's credit card account within ten business days of the end of the contract.


In case the new term rental price is not paid within three days from the beginning of the lease period in long-term lease agreements, the Lessor may terminate the lease agreement and request the return of the vehicle without waiting.

The Lessee has accepted, declared and committed in advance and irrevocable liability for the use of the vehicle without the consent of the Lessor if the Lessor does not extend the lease agreement and/or terminates the contract and asks for the return of the vehicle within three days of requesting the return of the vehicle.

If the Lessee does not pay with in three working days of the debt, T.C.M.B has accepted, declared and committed the payment in advance and illegitimately with the interest to process the debt at the rediscount interest rate.            









If the Lessee has purchased a security package or has given up renting a car up to 24 hours before the time of booking and asks for the reservation to be cancelled, the Lessee will not be charged a booking fee.

In case of cancellation of the reservation after the completion of the rental process;

  • There is no refund for bookings made for a period of three days,
  • For bookings longer than three days, the three-day rental fee is deducted and the remaining fee is reimbursed to the Lessee, provided that the reservation does not exceed the end date.  
  • If requested by purchasing the GUARANTEE PACKAGE, it will allow your booking to be cancelled without any fee deduction. In addition, if you return the vehicle before the booking end date, you will be refunded the excess fee after the recalculated rental fee.

It is given to the Lessee  provided that the terms and conditions  specified in the interim  contract in the leaser property are complied  with.  

The Lessee can extend the rental period provided that they notify at least 24 hours in advance, receive the consent of the Lesson and pay the rental fee in exchange for the lease period he wants to  extend.

If the Lessor  informs the Lessee  that he/she can continue the contract by changing the vehicle given to the Lessee according to the reservation situation, and the Lessee agrees to the vehicle change, the rental agreement is continued with a new contract to be issued on the tariff of the new vehicle to be given to the Lessee . In the event that no new contract has been signed in the extension of the lease, the terms of this agreement shall remain valid.  

The Lessee does not have to extend the contract and does not have to justify it if he does not extend the contract.


If the parties do not decide to extend the lease period and/or the Lessor does not accept the request to extend the rental period, the lease expires.

The Lessor ; if the Lessee does not comply with one of the essential conditions of the contract, he can terminate the contract, immediately take back the vehicle without resorting to legal means, without the need for a precaution or a ruling, and if he wishes, he can save the rent price given in advance.

On the day of the end of the lease agreement, the lessee must deliver and return the contracted vehicle to the  "Istanbul Airport International Arrival Floor (Ulger Rent A Car) - Arnavutköy" address of the Lessor or to any of the addresses specified in the contract and deliver and return it to the authorized personnel of the Lessor in accordance with the conditions specified in the  contract, he/she has accepted and committed in advance and irrevocable acceptance and declaration that his/her  failure to deliver the vehicle despite the expiry of the contract constitutes a crime under the provisions of criminal law, that he/she will not detain the vehicle outside the lease period, and that he/she will not be able to benefit from insurance, guarantees and legal rights after the expiration of the iraperiod and/or during the unlawful use of vehicles.

When the lease agreement expires, the Lessee declares and undertakes in advance and irrevocable acceptance that the Lessor has the right to immediately recover the rental vehicle without any prior warning and wherever the rented vehicle is, and that the lessee is obliged to pay the expenses to get the vehicle back.


The Lessee; can not aliene contract and car and can not  aliene the vehicle and contract to a third party with the sub tenancy agreement.



The lessee;

  1. In the transportation of all kinds of items deemed a crime to be carried by the laws of T.C. and in the works deemed illegal,
  2. Towing or pushing another vehicle,
  3. Racing, speed determination, rallytrials,motor sports,
  4. On roads that are closed to normal traffic and unsuitable,
  5. Outside the borders of the Republic of Turkey without international triptytic documents issued by the charterer and without the approval of the Lessor
  6. Passengers above the number of passengers determined in terms of traffic rules and in any way carrying cargo and explosives outside the baggage,
  7. Under the influence of alcohol and drugs,

             has made statements and commitments that it will not use in advance and irrevocable.


      The Lessee may not make the vehicle available to third parties without the approval of the Lessor. In this case, theLessee is obliged to register the information regarding the identity, address and driver's license of the third party who will drive the vehicle and to ensure that all the conditions of the person authorized to use the rented vehicle are fully complied with. Even if the people who use the vehicle have signatures in the contract, they are jointly and collectively responsible with the Lessee.


The Lessee ; has declared that the information specified in the contract is accurate from the original elements of the contract, such as Name, Title, Workplace and Residence Address, Driver Information and Bank and Credit Cardinformation, etc.

      The Lessee has accepted that if the information he gives is inaccurate, the administrative, criminal and legal responsibility will be his or her own, and if there is a change in the address he/she has reported during the period of the rental agreement, he will notify the Lessor without waiting for his new address.

      If the Lessee does not report the change of address, the notifications made by the Lessor to the address written in the contract will be deemed to be valid notifications made to him, he will not make any objections regarding the place of notification, the information written to the contract will be protected by the Lessor, due to the damages arising from the failure to pay the contract price and/or the Lessee's use of the vehicle, this information can be shared with the relevant person and legal authorities and his name can be reported to the warning list.


      The Lessee will use it in accordance with the traffic and driving rules, will park the vehicle in safe areas, closed and locked to ensure the safety of the vehicle, protect the license plates, vehicle  key and official documents of the vehicle delivered to it by the Lessor in the manner that it receives, will not damage the license plates and documents, will not allow any transactions or records to be placed on it, and will return and deliver it to the Lessor as it received, otherwise He/she will pay the expenses to be made for the purchase of new license plates and documents without any conditions.


      Whether or not the Lessee is at fault, for reasons not caused by the documents given to the Lessee by the vehicle itself and/or the Lessor, if the vehicle is confiscated by the competent authorities or the vehicle is confiscated,  all  expenses to be made for the retrieval of the vehicle and the rental fees for the period leading up to the recovery of the vehicle will be paid by the Lessee. In the event that the vehicle confiscated and/or confiscated by the authorities can not be recovered, the rail price of the vehicle will be paid by the Lessee in cash and all at once.




      The Lessee will deliver the equipment that will be delivered to him by police (spare tires, relief equipment, etc.) during the delivery of the vehicle to the Lessor in full and in full with the police to be kept at the time of delivery. If these equipment is not delivered in full, the Lessee has made an in advanceand illegitimate acceptance, declaration and  commitment that he or she will pay the price to the Lessor at the time of delivery ofthe vehicle.

      The Lessee; in the period from the delivery of the vehicle to its return, it will deliver the items it uses and/or carries in the vehicle to the renter with the minutes to be kept that the vehicle is empty and ready for return before handing it over to the renter. When the Lessee delivered the vehicle to the renter with the minutes, he stated that there was no property of his own in the vehicle and that he would be deemed to have released the renter and that he would have no rights and demands left from the renter and thathe accepted, declared and committed illegitimately.


      Since the Lessor is not the party producing the vehicle and/or spare parts, the parts of the Vehicle cannot be held responsible for damages arising from mechanical and/or production of the vehicle and spare parts, provided that their technical life has not expired and the necessary maintenance has been carried out. 


In accordance with this Agreement, the Lessee has stated that he/she knows that there are systems in the vehicles/ vehicles that he/she rents that enable geographical location identification, especially the vehicle tracking system, that he will not interfere with the operation of these systems in any way, that interfering with these systems will terminate the authority of the Lessee to use this contract and that the vehicle will be considered an illegal seizure.


The parties have mutually accepted, declared and committed that they are under the burden of protecting each other's personal data under the Personal Data Protection Law.

The Lessee has made an informal acceptance, declaration and commitment that the Lessor knows that he/she can process personal data, share it with business partners, share data and information with him/her through the website, SMS and other communication channels, and continue the transfer of data to him and the Lessor's business partners through the communication channels unless the Lessor informs the Lessor in writing, provided that it remains within its own business boundaries and does not violate the rules written in the Personal Data Protection Law.

  1. Turkish citizens who will rent know and accept that it is only possible to drive in our country with the driver's licenses they receive from foreign countries under the following conditions and conditions;

With driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries, vehicles can be used for a maximum of 1 year from the date of entry into our country.

Those who have been in our country for more than six months must have turkish translations of driver's licenses approved by foreign representatives or notaries with them while driving.

At the end of a year, it is mandatory to replace the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries with the driver's license of our country in order to be able to use vehicles in our country.

  1. Foreign nationals who will rent know and accept that it is possible to drive in our country with the driver's licenses they receive from foreign countries under the following conditions and conditions;

With driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries, vehicles can be used for a maximum of six months from the date of entry into our country.

At the end of six months, it is mandatory to replace the driver's licenses obtained from foreign countries with the driver's license of our country in order to be able to use vehicles in our country.



  1. Insurance
  1. Rented vehicles; It is insured with Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance within the limits of the policy against third parties who are harmed in accordance with the highway traffic law. The Lessor; the liability that will occur as a result of accidents that harm third parties is loaded in the amount of compensation that the insurance company will receive, provided that it remains within the scope of compulsory financial liability insurance coverage for each vehicle.  The responsibility on these duties and the moral compensation claims of the persons and their relatives who have been in the accident belong to the Lessee and the Lessor retains the right of recourse to the Lessee.           
  2. The Lessor; it is responsible without objection for the theft of the vehicle it rents or for the transportation expenses made to bring the vehicle to the place of rent with the damage it will suffer as a result of any accident and the cost of the work during the repair of the vehicle.
  3. At the beginning of the lease, the Lessee who agrees to pay the specified Damage Exemption Premium will be freed from this liability if he/she fulfills the following conditions;

Lessee or authoritative driver; if there is no obstruction situation determined by the doctor's report, it will take the necessary safety measures at the accident site, will not interfere with the damaged vehicle in any way, will identify the names and addresses of the persons and witnesses concerned, and will immediately notify the police officers who rented the accident.      

Since the responsibility and the appreciation of the crime belong to the competent authorities, he/she will only describe the way the incident occurred and will not accept the crime and responsibility in advance.

      The Lessee; Traffic Accident Detection Report, alcohol report, witness names and addresses taken from the authorities closest to the place of the accident (Traffic Police and Gendarmerie) will be delivered to the Lessee within 48 hours at the latest.

  1. In case of theft, the Lessee will immediately notify the nearest Police or Gendarmerie police station and the Lessee, if not found, the Lessee will pay the rent for 45 days.
  2. Even if the Lessee has purchased the Standard Insurance coverage or Full insurance and Mini Damage Insurance applied by Ulger Turizm,
  • If A caused an accidentunder the influence of drugs and/or drugs,  
  • The accident detection form/report states that the accident was caused by the Lessee's unilateral defect( similar records are specified, including but not limited to not adapting/using the speeds of the vehicles in accordance with the weather, road, visibility, technical specifications and trafficsituation)
  • It is stated that the legal speed limit has been exceeded and that the accident occurred due to speed in the accident detection form,
  • Accident report is not issued in unilateral accidents, declaration is underfilled in double-sided accidents, alcohol report is not received,
  • The accident occurred as a result of sloppiness and intent, such as driving with a speed of,
  • Understood or found to be using illegal fuel,
  • As a result of tire blowout, driving continued on the rim,  
  • Vehicles are used in violation of Traffic laws,  driver's license is used in violation of traffic laws,
  • Accidents were made by persons other than the drivers specified in the contract,
  • Turkish Insurance and Reinsurance Companies Association; insurance companies do not pay the insurance price due to the fact that the conditions determined regarding insurance policies are exceeded,
  • (As a result of hitting objects such as bridge , balcony, bough, etc.) He/she has accepted, declared and committed in advance that he/she is responsible for the damages incurred at the time of the accident (even if the Lessor has received traffic insurance and damage assurances) and that he will pay the loss of work compensation for the elimination of these damages without objection.
  1.  Material damages to third parties and passengers in the vehicle, treatment costs are limited to the mandatory traffic insurance limits of the vehicle and all responsibilities and obligations that may occur, including moral damages, belong exclusively to the Lessee.
  2. The Lessee who do not report damage to the vehicles are obliged to pay the full amount of the damage. Tire explosions, headlights, glass shatters, stepper thefts are not covered by insurance.
  3. If requested by the Lessee , the following additional insurances that expand the insurance coverage may be purchased;
  • Exemption Insurance

The exemption rate is the amount of payment to the insured for insurance damages. For policies issued with a 2% exemption, 2% of the vehicle price per damage is paid by the renter.  Exemption from this price is provided by taking this insurance.

  • Guarantee Package

It allows your reservation to be cancelled without a fee deduction if requested before the time of purchase. In addition, if the vehicle is returned before the end date of the reservation, the excess collection after the recalculated rental fee will be refunded to the Lessee.

  • Tire, Glass, Headlight Insurance

The standard insurance in the vehicle does not cover damage to tire glass and headlight.  Without  damage  to the vehicle body and outer parts of a rented vehicle, single damage to 1 tires (wheel rim is not included in this insurance) , 1 glass (rear –view mirror and roof window are not include in this insurance) and 1 headlights.

  • Minor Damage Insurance

It covers property damages up to 750 TL in the vehicle without the need for a written declaration of the tenant and a police report. The customer is s for all damages  incurring over the amount determined by the minor damage insurance. Without any damage to the vehicle body, damage to the glass, tires, and headlamps of a vehicle rented under the scope of the minor damage insurance are not covered by the minor damage.

  • Full Insurance

In the event of an accident, the exemption fee per accident per accident, depending on the group of rented vehicles, will eliminate Lessee liability and covers the terms of the total insurances of Mini Damage, Tire, Glass, Headlight Insurance, Guarantee Package.

  1. If the accident and alcohol reports are not submitted,
  2. If The driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of the accident,
  3. If the driver does not have a valid driver's license,
  4. The accident occurred due to violations of traffic rules and excessive speed,
  5. If the driver has  %100 faulty
  6. If the car is driver by person other than who’s names are written in the rental agreement
  7. If the accident / damage happens after expiry of the rental period shown on the rental agreement
  8. If the accident / damage happens due to overload or during transport inflammable goods.
  9. If the accident or damage happens  during pushing or towing a vehicle ore any other rolling object
  10. If the accident or damage happens  during race speed determination, rally trials, motor sports or use on normal traffic-free roads,
  11. If the accident or damage happens  during the transport over the passengers determined by the traffic boards  and what ever happens during the carriage explosives and flaming substances out of the baggage in any way,
  12. With the effect of cigarettes and precedent-burning substances, there are burns without the onset of a blazing fire,
  13. There are burns and stains on the floorboards of the vehicle,
  14. Due to misuse,  tire splits, glass breakage, tape breakage damages in such cases are not covered the insurance  and the Lessee is fully responsible for any damages that may occur in these cases.







The Lessor has the right to reimburse the Lessee for any damages arising from any acts and  omissions that are not caused by the vehicle and/or the Lessor in the period from the delivery of the vehicle to the return to the Lessor, and  damages arising from damages that are not partially or completely utilized from the insurance compensation, and for the compensation of the vehicle to be reimbursed to the tenant for the eliminationof these damages.


The parties mutually accepted, declared and committed that correspondence to each other's workplace and/or residence addresses written in the contract, as well as the letters sent to each other's SMS, WhatsApp and Mail addresses written in the contract, would be deemed to have been communicated to them on the date they were sent.


According to the issues not written in this contract, the provisions of the relevant legislation in force of Turkish Law will be applied, primarily the Law on Debts, consumer protection law, law on the protection of personal data.

The parties have declared and committed that the disputes arising out of this agreement will be resolved with amicable resolutions, that the Copperkoy Courts and (Czech, promissory note, etc.) payment documents will be authorized by the BAKIRKÖY Executive Offices in the proceedings to be opened for the resolution of disputes that cannot be resolved by friendly solutions, and that the Parties will be authorized to carry out their follow-ups against each other, and that they mutually waive their right   to appeal the authority of thecourts and enforcement agencies.


Individual (Real person) The Lessees are arranged in their names with copies of valid identification documents  (water, electricity,  natural gas,etc.) before receiving the vehicle. they must present the original invoice to the Lessor and pay the contract price to the Lessor in credit card and/or cash,  which has sufficient limits to cover the rent and collateral  price.

Corporate (Legal Entity) Lessees are required to submit documents related to their legal entity (Tax Plate, Signature Circular, Authorized Person Identification Certificate example, etc.) to the renter and pay the contract price to the renter in credit card and/or cash, which has sufficient limits to cover the rent and collateral price.

Document examples (cash and/or credit card) payment documents containing real and/or legal entity information received from Lessee prior to vehicle delivery are integral parts of this agreement.



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